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Services | What to expect from ILB

What to expect when you contact Ivy League Baskets? 

  • Integrity.

  • Professionalism.

  • Excellence.

  • Quality.

Ivy League Baskets offers:

1.  Custom Ivy League Baskets

2.  Ready-made custom basket 

3.  Gift Consultation

Contact ILB for pricing.  All orders require a minimum deposit.

Custom Ivy League Baskets

There are four (4) phases to your personal experience with Ivy League Baskets. 

Phase I:   Client Intake

Phase 2:  Information Gathering

Phase 3:  Research, Payment & Creation

Phase 4:  Assembly & Delivery

Phase 1 || Client Intake

We want to get to know you, and what your needs are.

Phase 2 || Information Gathering

You will receive a form to complete which pulls together pertinent information about your recipient. ILB reviews the form, and may follow up with any clarifying questions.  The smallest details often make the most impact.  

Phase 3 ||  Payment, Research & Implementation & Creation

For all custom gift baskets, ILB requires a deposit.  For all other services, payment is required upon booking. 

Phase 4 || Assembly & Delivery

Delivery options vary. Shipping and Delivery may incur additional costs. 

All requests should be in writing.

Expectations: Products
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